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What Happens After Education – Web Mentors

What happens next? you’ve just finished a course on web design or just come out from full time education and you have just been released into the real world? A small group of us came together at the Mozilla festival on the saturday afternoon to discuss and come up with ideas on how we can

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Hackathons – Learn By Doing.

Tor and I met some nice people from the Met Office who organise and run Hackathons. This is where a group of people come together and spend the weekend hacking, creating anything from mobile phone applications to new tools or programs. People turn up from lots of different backgrounds, with different sets and levels of skills ranging from the

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New Mozilla Webmaker badges!

On day 2 of the Mozilla Fest, Mozilla launched their Webmaker Badges! As you should know, Open Badges are used to mark achievements of things you have done outside your educational institute. The all new Mozilla Webmaker Badges allows users to earn badges for projects completed on Projects on Webmaker include Mozilla Popcorn maker and

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Badges, where are they now?

So were in the process is badges right now? It seemes like they have come quite a bit. A firm that uses badges active here in the UK is Makewaves. Their focus is on pupils and making it possible for them to achive media-badges. The system that MakeWaves uses is a bronze, silver and gold badge.

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It´s all about open course work!

Basically, lets talk more about open course work. Making learning easier and more accessible for our school kids by open software and open ressources throughout their education process. Broadening your spectrum of learning . School of open is a place that makes that easier for you. At school of open you can find courses made by «teachers»,

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Open Badges Backpack User Testing.

There’s always room for improvement and the Mozilla Open badges team know that. Although badges have had it’s far share of success in the states, it’s still relatively new here in the UK and they want to know what can be done to improve the badges and backpack system. The session was lead by Emily

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Moz Learning day!

      Saturday 10th November, is not just any saturday. It’s Moz Learning saturday! This is the day #TeamMozLearning are going to take over the Mozilla festival. Most of the Open Badges and skills sessions are taking place tomorrow, it’s going to be amazing. I for one can’t wait, and of course I will name

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Opening Night.

There is a buzz in the air as people are getting ready for the opening. The doors are open and its already starting to fill up. The team are huddled round their laptops making final last touches to the website ensuring everyting is ready to go for the festival. Looking forward for it all to

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PS: Look out for Jagvir!

Look out for Jagvir during the festival. He will be strawling around the building. With his HD camera asking you guys about what you think about Badges&Skills and Hackative Learning. So be nice to him. It´s only a few hours left before the registrations start. So be ready for a massive weekend of learning. Meeting

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Hacktivate Learning

Mozilla are in the early stages of building a Mozilla Webmaker program for educators called Hacktivate Learning. In 2013, Mozilla will be engaging people who are dedicated to teaching and learning with the web. If you are motivated to teach something to others or help people learn, you are an educator

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